Friday, 1 April 2011

The Asia-to-Gaza Caravan

This map was made for the India Lifeline to Gaza, a caravan from India that left for Gaza via a bunch of countries en route. I was asked to make this map for the participants before they left, but a series of communication failures resulted in this becoming a for-charity project; I can't really complain, as I had a great time learning the names of the towns in Iran, especially Isfahan. Reading Lolita in Tehran around the same time just enhanced the desire; while it's a good book on its own, the brief descriptions of the view of the snow-clad Elburz mountains from Tehran were quite appealing.

This was one of the first maps I made, and was created using Google Earth, ArcGIS 10 and InDesign. Making this map made me realise that I liked making maps, I wanted to get better at it and I really needed to learn how to use Illustrator.

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