Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Mapping a God

Niyamgiri in Western Orissa is currently the site for a number of controversial projects controlled by Vedanta Resources Plc (UK). The Dongria Khond tribe, who inhabit the region, revere the hill as a god and oppose plans to convert it into an open-pit bauxite mine.

This is a 100m-interval labeled contour map of the hill created using SRTM data. I'm thinking about using Landsat data along with spatial data from other sources to see whether visible changes have been generated by the extant projects.

Since this blog is primarily a cartographic display site, readers who are interested (and furious) like me can Google the words [Church England Vedanta bauxite Orissa Niyamgiri dongria khond human rights violations] in any order, or just access Amnesty International's extremely lucid and well-written report on the topic here, for more information.

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