Sunday, 27 March 2011

Draft Map of Uppalapadu

Uppalapadu is a gorgeous bird sanctuary near my current town of residence, and I visit it often. It's home to spot-billed pelicans, painted storks and black-headed ibises, and they are literally present in the thousands. I haven't come across any other site, anywhere, with this sort of bird density, and I consider myself really lucky to be living so close to one. This map is a draft version, created using ground knowledge, Google Earth and Adobe Illustrator. A hat-tip to Nafisa for teaching me how to use the pen tool in AI; I'm very grateful.

I'm currently trying to get my website up (; it's being a bit painful, but soon I'll have a portal to display both my cartographic work as well as my photography, and I hope I'll be able to create cross-connections between the two.

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